Hot Room Toledo


The Hot Room Toledo is a challenging 90-minute beginning yoga class consisting of 26 classic Hatha yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a heated room. Our focus is to build strength and stamina, improve flexibility and balance, heal old injuries and prevent new ones, de-stress and de-tox your body so you leave feeling energized for the rest of your life!


Sunday 12/24
12:15 PM & 4:00 PM Classes Cancelled
Classes available Monday 12/25
6:00a Bikram90
8:00a INFERNO Hot Pilates
Classes available Tuesday 12/26
9:00a Bikram90
11:00a INFERNO Hot Pilates
Wednesday 12/27
Normal Schedule

Sunday 12/31
4:00 PM class cancelled
Classes available Monday 1/1
9:00 AM Bikram90
11:00 AM INFERNO Hot Pilates
Tuesday 1/2
Normal Schedule

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